[Wise Crypto Life] 03. DogeCoin Edition

Superior Shiba

Are there any cryptocurrencies you may be interested in these days? Many people who answer “Dogecoin” to this question. Recently, people who are not interested in cryptocurrency have been curious about the identity of the Shiba logo, facing forward with a sullen expression, which we will discuss in this article.

Petite Shiba, Big Results

Dodgecoin is a cryptocurrency created by IBM developer Billy Marcus and Adobe’s Jackson Palmer in 2013. In fact, Dodgecoin was inspired by the internet meme of Doge, a Shiba dog in Japan, which was popular at the time in 2013, ultimately being adopted as…

BEST Seller Special — Pure Theory Lip Tint Clearance Event

‘Pure Theory’, a cosmetic brand launched by girl-group A-Pink member Kim Nam-Joo, received positive reactions from a surprise event at the KOK shopping mall earlier this year. The signature product ‘Daily Air Velvet Tint’ that was introduced on Nam Joo Kim’s makeup tutorial is receiving great feedback for its smooth application and excellent pigmentation.

KOK Shopping Mall, which is always striving to curate the best products for our customers, has prepared a Best Seller 1+1 event (2X1 SALE) once again.

l Period: 2021/05/10 ~ 2021/05/14

l Event 1: Pure Theory…

[Wise Crypto Life] 02. Dominance Edition

What is “Dominance”?

Bitcoin and Altcoin

There are as many as 9,000 different types of cryptocurrencies around the world. How many cryptocurrencies do you know? Bitcoin (BTC), the first name that came to mind, is definitely the ‘captain’ who represents cryptocurrency. All other cryptocurrencies except Bitcoin are classified as “Altcoin” in the sense of Bitcoin’s alternative, indicating that Bitcoin is in a class of its own.

Although there are fluctuations, the average price of one bitcoin has been somewhere between KRW 60–70 million, with the most notorious Altcoin, Ethereum (ETH), at a fraction of that figure @ KRW 3–3.5 million…

So Nice #Why Not Buy

We are holding a special event to celebrate the family month of May. At the same time as the entry of “Pure Gold Plate Gold Picture” we will also hold a mileage event that will set aside 200% of the purchase amount as mining mileage for those who purchase the product during the event period.

Gold Plated Picture (Pure Gold 99.9%)

‘Gold Painting’ is a new concept art product that combines works of art on a pure gold plate containing more than 99% pure gold. The fresh canvas, specially made by mixing minerals such as…

This month, we reported that “Medium,” a blockchain company with world-class blockchain technology, and “KOK PLAY,” a global content service platform, have combined their strengths to become a powerhouse.

Medium with their MDL for blockchain solutions boasts world-class processing speed through their MXP software and MBPU hardware. KOK PLAY, which has been leading the blockchain content platform market by providing a variety of cultural and shopping contents, will combine public and private platforms to showcase an excellent “Mainnet” (blockchain operation network).

In order to better understand what changes and developments will unfold in the future, an interview with the CTO…

Coinbase Lists on NASDAQ (What Is An Exchange?)

Step 1. What is an exchange?

Just as stock markets are used to buy and sell stocks, ‘exchanges’ are used to trade cryptocurrency. In Korea, Bithumb and UPbit are considered major exchanges due to their high volume of transactions and high number of users. Additionally, about 100 large and small exchanges are in operation, but the Act on Reporting and Using Specified Financial Transaction Information was announced last month to terminate any small exchange that does not meet the requirements in the future.

Not all exchanges carry the same type of currency…

Last Monday, we disclosed the upcoming investment partnership between Medium and kiosk company The Nine Company to Frontiers, who then immediately introduced it on the homepage of ‘NAVER’, the largest search-engine portal site in Korea. This exposure once again proved the excellence and highly-regarded position of the blockchain company.

The wide influence of Medium’s payment business is a positive sign for the expansion of KOK tokens and the value of the coins.

So, why is Medium’s new payment business attracting mass attention from the public following a series of reports from JoongAng Ilbo and other major media outlets?

First, people…

KOK has seen a dramatic surge recently. The price of KOK on ZBG, Bithumb Global and Bittrex exchanges have risen by more than 100% from last week to a record high of $1.1 to record an all-time high.

Recently, the cryptocurrency market has been on a sharp decline, and KOK is one of the few fortunate enough to have been on a solid upward curve. …

Medium has announced its participation in the digital payment industry by signing an investment agreement with The9Company, which specializes in payment kiosks. Therefore, major domestic media such as the JoongAng Ilbo as well as Dong-A Ilbo reported the contents extensively, focusing on Medium’s entry into the payment market as well as its acquisition of KOK PLAY.

Medium’s high-performance blockchain technology is viewed as the ultimate “game changer” that will set them apart from the rest of the competition in a still relatively new market.

Under this agreement, the two companies plan to implement kiosk services that can be paid with…

After the acquisition of KOK PLAY by Medium, a high-performance blockchain company, a number of new popular movies will be updated. Major media also noted the new movie content contract of KOK PLAY. You can check the details in the article below.

The newly signed content includes “Burning,” which has received more rave reviews from overseas than Korea, as well as “The Host” with 10 million viewers, Baeksang Arts Awards, The Blue Dragon Film Awards, and the Daejong Film Festival. In addition, you can see a colorful lineup of movies that have become difficult to find including traditional classic films that have captured both cinematic performance and box office success beyond the age and genre such as “Ben-Hur” and “Gone With the Wind.”

There will be new changes in KOK PLAY according to the new movie content contract. To add satisfaction to…

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