Camping and hiking are essential fall activities that were mainly enjoyed by middle-aged people but have now become mainstream for all ages. After staying at home for so long, people are eager to go out into nature and enjoy outdoor activities while the weather is still sunny and chilly.


[Wise Crypto Life] 22. 3 Reasons for the Bitcoin Price Rise

Recently, the price of Bitcoin has been on the rise. As the inflow of funds into the cryptocurrency market increased for the seventh consecutive week, investors who have suffered from the correction are feeling relieved and hopeful for the upcoming quarter. …

[Wise Crypto Life] 21. Financial Inclusion

In this edition of Wise Crypto Life, we will introduce ways blockchain technology can help those who are marginalized in financial services. At the 2021 Seoul Money Show, David Lee, a professor at Singapore University of Social Sciences, said, “Blockchain technology can reduce the financially underprivileged by ensuring that no…

In addition to the benefits in the original TalyorMade event, we would like to add another

bonus for our members who give a “shoutout” on their SNS page (IG, FB, TW, blog, etc)

by posting images of their recent purchase. For 25 lucky members we will also provide TaylorMade hats to compliment your recent purchase.


Sept. 27th, 2PM (UTC+9)- Oct. 5th 10PM (UTC+9)


1. Upload image of recent TaylorMade purchase on to personal SNS page

2. Include following hashtags: #KOK, # KOK플렛폼, #KOK쇼핑 #테일러메이드 #taylormade

3. Send screenshot to with your USER ID and NAME.

RESULTS: Winners will be announced on October 11th through feed

  • Offer limited to South Korea only due to pandemic

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TaylorMade boasts a long history of recognition and achievements starting with their innovation on drivers with a new material called metalwood back in 1979. Since then, they have sponsored legendary figures in the sport such as Tiger Woods, Rory Mcllroy, and Sierra Brooks proving to be the dominant supplier in…

Greetings from Medium Ltd.HK.

We have prepared another webtoon mileage event for our valued members.

Those who purchase “possession tickets” for eligible webtoons will receive 150% mileage instead of 100%. Plus, additional mileage will be rewarded to those who purchase more than 60 webtoon episodes.

There are two webtoons eligible…

[Wise Crypto Life] 20. Global Issues

Although the cryptocurrency market is still in its early stages there are many developments regarding its development both good and bad. In this week’s Wise Crypto Life, we will discuss various cryptocurrency news from all over the world.

Bitcoin & El Salvador

Bitcoin officially became El Salvador’s legal currency on…

Recently, the blockchain industry is paying special attention to NFT and De-Fi. It is only a matter of time before De-Fi changes the global economy. In this edition of Wise Crypto Life, we will explain what ‘De-Fi’ is and what role it plays in today’s society.

What is De-Fi?


In previous Wise Crypto Life editions, we discussed how blockchain technology is being used in various fields such as real estate, art, and sports.

Nonetheless, NFT auctions still sound like far-fetched futuristic concepts as blockchain-based games and activities are banned in Korea as of now. …

[Wise Crypto Life] 17. Real Life Applications

By now, we have covered various fields that are enhanced by blockchain including art, sports, real estate and games. In this edition of Wise Crypto Life, we will delve into how it’s used in miscellaneous real life applications we can easily encounter on a daily basis.

Cheongsong Apples

Locally-grown produce…

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