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We have prepared another webtoon mileage event for our valued members.

Those who purchase “possession tickets” for eligible webtoons will receive 150% mileage instead of 100%. Plus, additional mileage will be rewarded to those who purchase more than 60 webtoon episodes.

There are two webtoons eligible for this event.

“Zombie Expedition”: A horror-comedy set in a zombie apocalyptic world. The protagonist risks his life and goes out to rescue his favorite webtoon author in order to finish reading the series.

“Buffoons”: Short episodes that capture the comical yet relatable lives of college students.

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[Wise Crypto Life] 20. Global Issues

Although the cryptocurrency market is still in its early stages there are many developments regarding its development both good and bad. In this week’s Wise Crypto Life, we will discuss various cryptocurrency news from all over the world.

Bitcoin & El Salvador

Bitcoin officially became El Salvador’s legal currency on the 8th of this month. President Nayib Bukele bought a whopping 400 BTC (about 23 billion won) and released electronic wallets called “Chivo” to promote its use.

El Salvador passed the bill to adopt Bitcoin as a fiat currency in June, citing that it could reduce dependence on the dollar…

Recently, the blockchain industry is paying special attention to NFT and De-Fi. It is only a matter of time before De-Fi changes the global economy. In this edition of Wise Crypto Life, we will explain what ‘De-Fi’ is and what role it plays in today’s society.

What is De-Fi?

De-Fi stands for “Decentralized Finance”; as the name suggests, it refers to the decentralization of financial transactions previously managed by banks.

Currently, we carry out deposits, loans, and investments through intermediaries such as banks and credit card companies.

This has been the “traditional” method of financial transactions until blockchain technology came…

In previous Wise Crypto Life editions, we discussed how blockchain technology is being used in various fields such as real estate, art, and sports.

Nonetheless, NFT auctions still sound like far-fetched futuristic concepts as blockchain-based games and activities are banned in Korea as of now. In this episode of Wise Crypto Life, we will explore the “Vaccine Passport” that many of us are already familiar with and use.

Smart Vaccine App

Even if you haven’t been vaccinated yet, you have probably encountered the term “Vaccine Passport’’ when making an appointment. Also called the “Vaccine Certificate”, this serves as digital proof…

[Wise Crypto Life] 17. Real Life Applications

By now, we have covered various fields that are enhanced by blockchain including art, sports, real estate and games. In this edition of Wise Crypto Life, we will delve into how it’s used in miscellaneous real life applications we can easily encounter on a daily basis.

Cheongsong Apples

Locally-grown produce meets the newest technology to create “blockchain apples”. Every Cheongsong apple sold since last winter comes with a scannable QR code that provides buyers with distribution history, the farming region, and storage methods.

The new feature attracted mass attention and consequently, its sales volume raised by a whopping 120,00kg. Cheongsong…

A cool, breezy autumn awaits after the much anticiapted 5-day Chuseok Holiday. ‘Chuseok’, also referred to as Korean Thanksgiving, is celebrated by gathering with family members and giving gifts to wish good wealth. Unfortunately, visiting family out of town has become more challenging with social distancing restrictions being strengthened. To take your worries away, we have prepared a lineup of Chuseok gift sets so you can express your gratitude and love, even from miles away!

Among the lineup, we have the health food ‘Chimhyang Hong Jindan’ made with nutritious ingredients such as agarwood, deer antlers, and fermented red ginseng, making…

To commemorate the peak of summer coming to an end, we will be conducting a webtoon mileage event.

On top of the 100% mileage already accrued for purchasing webtoon ‘possession tickets’, an additional 100% will be added during the event period. Plus, for those who purchase 50 or more webtoons, AN ADDITIONAL 100% will be added bringing the total to a maximum 300% mileage accrual!

Event details:

1. Participation Method

(1) Event 1: Instant 200% mileage accrual for all members who purchase webtoon ‘possession tickets’ during the event period

(2) Event 2: Additional100% mileage accrual for members who purchase at…

[Wise Crypto Life] 16. Ethereum Hard Fork

Ethereum’s heavily anticipated ‘London’ Hard Fork was activated this month. A hard fork refers to a network change that splits a previously existing chain into two, while making former invalid blocks and transactions valid, or vice versa. The biggest benefit of a hard fork update is that it enables the network to process more transactions per second. In this Wise Crypto Life edition, we will go into depth about what a Hard Fork update consists of.

Hard Fork/Soft Fork

In blockchain technology, blocks containing ledgers are continuously added and connected to existing blocks…

In May, MEDIUM’s Chairman as well as Chief Architect, Kim Pan-Jong and Young Choe, respectively were featured on the cover. Furthermore, the August issue covers Dr. Thomas Frey, notorious in the field of futurology, with blockchain being one of the main aspects of his discipline. In this month’s edition, Dr. Frey shares his thoughts on autonomous driving, artificial intelligence, drones, CRISPR, as well as cryptocurrency as being the five pillars of the future industry. …

[Wise Crypto Life] 15. Blockchain and Real Estate

In recent years, interest in real estate has shot up exponentially. People are paying attention not only in metropolitan areas but also in areas that have been neglected so far. In this Wise Crypto Life edition, we will check the world of real estate that is developing further using blockchain technology.

The Era of PropTech

PropTech is a compound word made up of “Property” and “Technology” that refers to real estate services combined with technology. These days, new technologies such as big data, AI, and blockchain meet real estate to create a…

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