KOK CHAIN Education Contents Open!

KOK CHAIN is broadening our boundaries on TV contents. Along with the famous TV programs, KOK Foundation added a new education contents that we have been preparing for a while. Now you can study English speaking in an easier and more interesting environment.

On our new education contents ‘Big English’, you can learn from the basic expressions that real English speakers use with one of the most popular sitcom that reached the highest ratings in American TV Program history, Big Bang Theory, with a popular English instructor Stephanie. This can be the great opportunity to enhance your English with ‘Big English’ even without having to go abroad.

Stephanie, who returned to South Korea after few years’ experience in US, was one of the most popular instructors in a well-known English Training platform in Korea with a total of 20,000 members. During her career, she has been getting a lot of attention from college applicants, job seekers, and workers. We have been putting a lot of effort in order to recruit her and pre-release her lecture on KOK CHAIN for our KOK Family.

Please show a lot of interests on English lecture of Stephanie, who also is expected to give lecture in other popular education platform in a near future. Furthermore, if you purchase the possession ticket of ‘Big English’ lectures, you will get two times amount of mileages during KOK Special Mileage Event.

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