After the acquisition of KOK PLAY by Medium, a high-performance blockchain company, a number of new popular movies will be updated. Major media also noted the new movie content contract of KOK PLAY. You can check the details in the article below.

The newly signed content includes “Burning,” which has received more rave reviews from overseas than Korea, as well as “The Host” with 10 million viewers, Baeksang Arts Awards, The Blue Dragon Film Awards, and the Daejong Film Festival. In addition, you can see a colorful lineup of movies that have become difficult to find including traditional classic films that have captured both cinematic performance and box office success beyond the age and genre such as “Ben-Hur” and “Gone With the Wind.”

There will be new changes in KOK PLAY according to the new movie content contract. To add satisfaction to global frontiers, we are planning to support regular content subscription services. Subscription business models that the world is paying attention to, including Netflix, are now available for KOK Play.

Meanwhile, major media outlets are highlighting the future direction of development since Medium’s acquisition of KOK PLAY last week. Please look forward to the new changes and bright future of KOK PLAY, which is drawing attention from all over the world.

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