KOK Shopping Mall Event Returns!

In the spring season of 2021, many new products will be introduced in the KOK shopping mall.

Now you can buy Starbucks with KOK. On March 29, products from the global famous brand ‘Starbucks’ will enter the KOK shopping mall. You can find a variety of best-selling products at the KOK shopping mall, including a mug with Starbucks’ signature mark on it.

Buy a special offer from Starbucks, the world’s №1 coffee franchise, from KOK!

Additionally, there will be many health products to help stay healthy. Orna, which holds patents on sea buckthorns and Ringonberry, contain a variety of nutritional ingredients, and will showcase the first “Sea buckthorn Oil” in Korea, as well as krill oil and red ginseng products.

The upgraded KOK shopping mall has prepared a small event for our members. The details of the event are as follows.

- Event period: March 29th to April 02nd (To be held for 5 days)

-Event content:

[One] Ten people will be given a Starbucks gifticon by lottery.

[Two] 200% of the purchase amount will be paid by “staking mileage” when purchasing event products in the “NEW EVENT” category.

Announcement of Event Winners: Thursday, April 08

If you buy a product from a global brand, you can earn up to 200% of staking mileage!

Please participate in the Starbucks Gifticon gift event, which is automatically applied for every purchase. Starting with this event, there will be more fun surprise events in the future, so please look forward to it and keep an eye out.

*The winner of the event should send the mobile phone number to the customer service center to receive the gifticon.
*If no contact is made within a week of the winner’s announcement, the winning will be nullified.
* This product falls under the “New event” category of new products (event products).
*Please understand that only shipping in Korea is carried out because of COVID.
* Please make sure to write the correct delivery address and cell phone number when purchasing.
*For inquiries related to KOK shopping mall, please use the 1:1 customer center in the shopping mall.
*Miles earned from KOK shopping malls can be collected more than the cumulative 200% ceiling.

Happy Shopping!


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