KOK has seen a dramatic surge recently. The price of KOK on ZBG, Bithumb Global and Bittrex exchanges have risen by more than 100% from last week to a record high of $1.1 to record an all-time high.

Recently, the cryptocurrency market has been on a sharp decline, and KOK is one of the few fortunate enough to have been on a solid upward curve. The continued rise in market prices is seen as a reflection on a variety of positive factors such as the acquisition of KOK Play by Medium, latest popular movie content, and the launch of offline kiosk payments.

Last February, the KOK token, which was listed on the ZBG exchange at $0.17 dollars, is clearly different from other cryptocurrencies, portraying a steady rise and a solid business model. Furthermore, the acquisition of the world’s most powerful medium will lead to a super-gap.

Please join us in the future of KOK where dreams really do come true.

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