Medium’s payment business announced on NAVER’s Homepage

Last Monday, we disclosed the upcoming investment partnership between Medium and kiosk company The Nine Company to Frontiers, who then immediately introduced it on the homepage of ‘NAVER’, the largest search-engine portal site in Korea. This exposure once again proved the excellence and highly-regarded position of the blockchain company.

The wide influence of Medium’s payment business is a positive sign for the expansion of KOK tokens and the value of the coins.

So, why is Medium’s new payment business attracting mass attention from the public following a series of reports from JoongAng Ilbo and other major media outlets?

First, people are intrigued by how the first joint venture between Medium’s advanced technology and the exceptional services from digital content platform KOK CHAIN will combine their respective strengths to create remarkable outcomes.

Second, the government and more companies are pushing to introduce the regular use of cryptocurrency in everyday life. Thus, related industries and the public’s attention is drawn to MDPay, a cryptocurrency payment service that is being planned by Medium and KOK CHAIN.

With the help of Medium’s advanced technology, KOK CHAIN is preparing a wider variety of innovative services for the near future. We will always do our best to reciprocate the passion and love you have given us.

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