Young Choe CTO Interview — Part 1: Introduction to Mainnet

This month, we reported that “Medium,” a blockchain company with world-class blockchain technology, and “KOK PLAY,” a global content service platform, have combined their strengths to become a powerhouse.

Medium with their MDL for blockchain solutions boasts world-class processing speed through their MXP software and MBPU hardware. KOK PLAY, which has been leading the blockchain content platform market by providing a variety of cultural and shopping contents, will combine public and private platforms to showcase an excellent “Mainnet” (blockchain operation network).

In order to better understand what changes and developments will unfold in the future, an interview with the CTO Young Choe where he breaks down the specifics of the coming days.

Please check the details in the video below.


As you can see in the video, KOK’s Mainnet is expected to create synergy with Medium’s high-performance enterprise-class Mainnet to speed up and optimize. In addition, KOK’s ecosystem will be further expanded, with existing business models targeting THE B2B as well as B2C endusers.

We will always strive to provide a higher quality service to our Frontier Members.

In the next interview with CTO Young Choe, he will talk about the significance of the Metaverse.

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